While there are numerous resources for individuals interested in Holocaust studies on the internet, we include here links to organizations and / or individuals that have important connections to our mission.

Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust – in 2012, LAMH will be partnering with Professor Presnor and Bearing Witness to curate Audio Tours that link survivors’ stories with artifacts in the museum.

Museum of Tolerance, Los Angeles– a unique, one-of-a-kind museum dedicated to educating the public about the concepts of cultural tolerance and intolerance around the world.  One of the survivors interviewed in our program, Mrs. Dorothy Greenstein, is a stalwart volunteer at the Holocaust wing of the museum, which must not be missed!

Paul Garson Productions– Mr. Paul Garson is a historian and journalist in the Los Angeles area.  He has a strong interest in WWII studies, and has just published a new book with never-before-seen photos of the Third Reich.

Laska Movie – a spectacular movie produced by one of our 2008-2009 Bearing Witness participants, Mr. Jakub Canda.  He is currently organizing for the surivor that he documents in his movie to travel to the US to talk about her experiences.  For all the people out there who think that the youth of today are no longer interested in the Holocaust, please check out this movie.  It is a project of passion and dedication by two very talented young men that is currently being used in educational programs in the Czech Republic.

My Grandparents’ Holocaust – Noah Lederman is the grandson of Holocaust survivors and is currently completing a book about the experience of his grandparents, My Grandparents’ Holocaust.  He has also written about the Holocaust in several articles (click to read a few: I,II,III) in his column at the The Faster Times.  His grandparents lived in the same town during the outbreak of the war as one of the survivors in Bearing Witness, and the story that was told by the survivor in our program has helped him with his research.  This exchange of information that would otherwise be lost is a major goal of our program, and we support Noah’s efforts to make public the experiences of his grandparents and document the important and courageous stories of the survivors.