Bearing Witness in 2008-2009 was a fantastic experience, the commitment and dedication that both students and seniors showed towards the program was fantastic!  Please explore these stories that the students created from their discussions with the seniors.

Please note, often students interviewed different seniors and thus were not able to record the full stories from one senior.  Therefore, some of these stories describe periods in the life of the seniors, either during the Holocaust, or before or after.   We recommend you use these stories as glimpses into the lives and experiences of the survivors.

Jack’s Story, by Nathalie Segeral

Jack’s wartime experience, by Monica Bruzzio

Dorothy: outtakes during the war, by Abigail Sassoon

Dorothy’s war experience, by Negeen Rivani

A short account of Marie’s experience, by Alisa Malki

Marie’s story, as told by Leah Savage

An account of Julius’ experience, by Alisa Malki

Judy’s story by Rotem Ben-Shachar