Bearing Witness is a program started by students at UCLA and associated with UCLA Hillel, the Jewish Family Services of Los Angeles, the ‘1939’ Club and the Los Angeles Museum of the Holocaust.  It is a non-secterian, non-denominational project intended to bring together students with Holocaust survivors.  Over a series of four sessions, students meet one-on-one with survivors and record their stories.  By focusing on one-on-one interactions both students and survivors are able to make connections that reach beyond the history of what they record into a future of friendship and understanding.

Students may receive credit for participating in the program by enrolling in German 118SL (Winter 2012), which is taught by Professor Todd Presner.

For more information about the program and the website, please click on ‘About‘.  If you would like to read the stories and view a website created by Prof. Presner’s students, please click on ‘Stories‘.